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Who are we?

On our great journey by campervan through this beautiful part of the world, we decided to change the direction of our lives; to emigrate to a country where the sun shines 300 days a year, the countryside blossoms almost all year round and there is plenty of space to breathe and live. We were thrilled by the beautiful landscape of France and started looking for a suitable house when we both fell in love with the house “Les Caroubiers”. We were keen to start a new life and to take on the challenge of a foreign language and a new culture. We set to work redesigning the house to our taste, filling it with furniture and bringing it back to life.

We are happy every morning to wake up in such an extraordinarily beautiful place and to be able to work here. Even though the work never seems to run out, we love what we do here and are happy to share this wonderful house with you.


“Les Caroubiers” is a gem for those who want to explore and discover the extraordinary Provence area from an oasis of relaxation and calm.


We look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful place.


The two Swiss who fell in love with Provence

Iris & Roger

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